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22 & 23 November 2023

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ART by Ocean Sole


Imagine a beach in Kenya: white sand and blue waves. The sun shines on what the waves leave behind. Seaweed, shells and something completely different. Something that doesn't belong there - flip-flops. In fact, the whole beach is littered with flip-flops!

A large part of the world's population wears flip-flops. This footwear is cheap to buy but not durable.
This, combined with an under-developed disposal system, means that in developing countries, flip-flops end up in the environment and eventually in the oceans.

The Kenyan company Ocean Sole is tackling this problem as it is committed to the oceans and is aware of the importance of ecosystems.
The flip-flops that wash up on their shores are collected, cleaned and stuck together. The craftsmen of the creative team carve colourful animals from these.
Three local and global problems are being addressed: Ocean Sole prevents and resolves the pollution of land and sea by these plastics, creates jobs and limits deforestation for wooden artworks. Ocean Sole's inspiring artwork tell a special story, "The Art of Upcycling".

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